What You Need To Know Before Start Project on Deyril?

1. General

You can go to the Start Project page and fill out the form provided, make sure you fill out the form with complete answers to make it easier for us to understand what kind of website you want.
Make a sitemap of your website first, you can see an example here. After you create a website sitemap, place it on Ms. Office Word and explain the details on each page that is on your website sitemap. Make sure you export it to pdf and attach it to the upload field on the Start Project page.

You also need to prepare your own domain and hosting, if you are having trouble finding the right one for your business, we are ready to help you immediately.
You can see our work process on the About Us page in the Process section.
We use WordPress as a Content Management System, using WordPress will make it easier for you to manage your website and also make it easy to optimize your content for SEO.

To create a custom template for your website, we use Oxygen Builder. Oxygen builder makes websites load quickly because it doesn't use a theme. Using a theme can make the website slow because it will always load the code for each page even if the code is not used.
The time required varies greatly for each service we offer, especially for "Full Website Development" it takes 1 - 2 months.

2. Price

Prices for each of our services vary greatly and depend on your needs. You can see the general price for each of our services on the Services detail page.
We accept payment using Paypal & Wise. After discussing the project, we will send you an invoice with 50% upfront payment so that we can start the work process. After the work process is complete, we will do a Quality Check, you can also check it and ask for small changes before it can finally be published and ready to be accessed.
Once everything is ready, we will send you a final 50% payment invoice and your project is ready to be published.

3. Support

When your website is finished and ready to be published, we will provide a Guide Book for how to manage your website content, the Guide Book that we make is not general, we make it according to your website. We will also provide video tutorials on parts of the website that may be difficult to understand if you only use text.

So, you don't have to worry about managing your content, if you are still confused about some parts, you can directly ask on our telegram.
If you don't have time to manage content and are hesitant to hire someone to manage your website, you can use our maintenance services on the Services page. Especially for those who order "Full Website Development", you will get a 50% discount for our "Maintenance" services with a flat price every month.
When the Prototype Design process is complete, you can see the temporary results of your website. You can make any changes you want as long as you have not approved the Design Approval Document and we will revise the prototype design. If you have approved the Design Approval Document, you cannot make any further design changes and we will immediately start the website development process.

However, if after you approve the Design Approval Document you want to make changes such as adding sections or changing the layout, you will be charged an additional fee for these changes according to the difficulty and time required.