Oxygen Website Builder Facts You Should Be Familiar Of!

October 23, 2021
Last update: January 1, 2023

As we all know, there are a bunch of WordPress plugins that are frequently utilized. Unfortunately, there is one WordPress plugin that Indonesian developers are still unfamiliar with, Oxygen Website Builder.

The use of oxygen website builder is still uncommon in Indonesia. One of the reasons for this is that almost all agencies and developers use Elementor as a plugin.

For that, we will describe the pros and cons of oxygen website builder. Not only that, we will compare oxygen with other plugins.

Oxygen Builder vs Elementor

Well, Oxygen Builder and Elementor both are outstanding page builder plugins. Even though, both of these plugins are reasonably priced. When compared to hiring a developer, however, website building work can be done in-house using these two plugins.

As a result, if the user is a beginner, it is preferable to use Elementor. Because it has a simple user interface and an intelligent element.

Furthermore, Elementor has a low learning curve, allowing users to easily organize anything. In fact, the use of Elementor is ideal for quick craftsmanship and saving time when designing and editing websites.

Users can, however, use the oxygen website builder. This is due to the fact that it requires a variety of technical skills, including CSS knowledge, and can quickly search pages.

After that, if the user prefers a simple page, oxygen is a good option. As a result, the user of oxygen must have basic technical skills. Having basic CSS skills when using oxygen makes user-created websites work much better than when using other WordPress plugins.

Furthermore, oxygen has the ability to disable WordPress's theme system. In fact, the use of oxygen can render third-party themes unusable. After all course, this works differently from elementor, which can use any theme the user wants.

Another interesting part of Oxygen is the license it provides. The Oxygen license is undeniably expensive, but the cost is only incurred once; in other words, the oxygen license can be used indefinitely.

Based on the information presented above, the use of oxygen website builder is the best option if the user already has basic CSS-related capabilities. Because oxygen contains comprehensive and detailed CSS class features. As a matter of fact, oxygen transforms into a powerful theme builder.

Pros and Cons of Oxygen Website Builder

Oxygen website builder is a WordPress plugin for website builders that includes all of the elements and components needed to create WordPress designs. Oxygen website builder is typically used by designers, but it can also be used by beginners.

Among other things, the oxygen builder's features are generally cool.


  • A full dashboard editor display
  • The entire visual design of the website can be controlled at the pixel level using complete CSS property element features and basic HTML
  • Oxygen builder enables users to edit all aspects of the website, including menu, headers, body, sidebars, and footers
  • Headings, sections, columns, div blocks, text boxes, titles, images, icons, text links, code blocks, and other HTML elements are in question
  • The Oxygen website builder includes a total of 160 components, 50+ pages, and five prebuilt website demos
  • Oxygen allows users to create templates or designs for specific content, such as pages, posts, e-commerce, post types, archives, categories, tags, taxonomies, and others
  • As a result, users can easily and quickly create websites
  • Oxygen lacks a grid framework, allowing users to freely design views
  • Styles applied to a device will be applied to all lower resolutions automatically
  • Oxygen allows users to create templates or designs for specific content, such as pages, posts, e-commerce, post types, archives, categories, tags, taxonomies, and others
  • Users can use the prebuilt code block feature to display content from the WordPress database
  • Oxygen builder is highly compatible with third-party plugins such as SEO plugins, visual composer, elementor, and Beaver builder
  • The Oxygen website builder is SEO friendly
  • Oxygen built with high-quality code that is search engine friendly and, of course, clean. As a result, users of websites are not slowed down by oxygen
  • Oxygen feature does not include the code for the newly added element
  • Oxygen builder can also be combined with ACF
  • Oxygen has the ability to export and import designs from one website to another
  • Even if there is an update on oxygen, the user's design will be safe
  • The third plugin can be inserted into the website page using shortcuts, widgets, and PHP on oxygen
  • The plugin's external appearance can then be altered using CSS
  • Oxygen builder includes video tutorials that can be used to guide users
  • Data in oxygen website builder is dynamic, it can be used for any condition, including special data returned by PHP functions
  • CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript coding for special functionality can be viewed directly
  • Users do not need to refresh the page, which allows them to run custom WordPress Loops, uses WordPress API functions, and do other things
  • There is a reusable parts feature that allows users to have the same content in multiple places
  • Users can edit the template with only one version, and it will be automatically applied to all content places
  • Oxygen contains over 800 Google fonts and 500 SVG icons that users can use
  • Oxygen works with Typekit, users can import fonts from other sources
  • Users can place widgets anywhere they want, not just in the sidebar


  • The price offered is typically very high
  • It is not client-friendly, as are other builders
  • It is not compatible with all desired plugins
  • It is difficult to move and release data
  • Text placeholder issue
  • Limited use of icons
  • Have a Global styles, but not side-wide styles

Behind the benefits and drawbacks of Oxygen or other plugins, the use of WordPress plugins must be based on each user's ability. Because, if used appropriately, any WordPress plugin can function properly.

Hopefully, this article will be useful for WordPress users in those looking for the right tool!

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